What should I wear for a portrait session?  Decide first how you want the photographs to look, do you want to have formal images or to have more casual looking photographs? If you come as a couple or a family you might decide on a similar style. Denims can look good, plain pastels and light colours. Nothing too bold, shiny or strong motifs which can be distracting (EG Gap). You could bring a change of clothing from smart to more casual, even have a different jacket, hat or scarf as an option. Feel free to bring a different set of clothes but be aware that we may be in a public place so changing could be complicated. Above all you must feel comfortable and be yourself!

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Can you help me with how I should pose? Absolutely. I know where the light is falling, what angles look best and how to relax you both.

I am booking the portrait far in advance. What happens if I need to cancel? Do I get my money back? It is a good idea to book in advance and if you need to cancel for any reason within a week before the session I am happy to refund the full amount. 

How can I pay? You can pay by cash or bank transfer.

When do I pay? Before the session takes place.

What happens if it rains? We will discuss the situation on the day and if the weather prevents the session from taking place then I am happy to reschedule it. If this is not possible then I will reimburse the session.Children's portrait photographer Paris Hermione McCosh Photography

Are there additional charges to receive the digital photos afterwards?  There are no additional charges. The payment includes the time we spend together during the session, the editing and post production of the images, the online private gallery, a USB of hi-resolution images and posting and packaging.

What can I do with the digital images?  I believe it is important for the client to have the digital versions. You can use them in online, social networking, but most importantly you can print and create your own albums. You have complete personal rights which basically means you can do anything but sell them!

How big can I print my images?  I provide you with a high resolution file that can be used to print the images as big as you like.

When will I receive my photos? Within two weeks for portrait sessions and six weeks for weddings.

WeddingsHermione McCosh Photography - Minterne Dorset Wedding

Do you charge travel expenses? Unless the wedding is in Cumbria or Yorkshire then I will charge travel and if necessary accommodation as well. This doesn’t have to be expensive, I am very happy in a low cost airbnb.

What will you wear at my wedding? I aim to blend in as one of your guests and therefore will dress for a wedding.

How can I share my photos with friends and family? I provide you with an online password protected gallery which you can share with friends and family.

How do we pay you? By bank transfer. For weddings I would take a £500 deposit which secures me as your photographer. The final balance is due anytime before your wedding takes place.

Will you have your own car?  Yes.

What equipment do you use? Canon and have the 5d mark III & IV models. The lenses I use include 35mm, 50mm, 16-35mm, 85mm, 70-200mm and a couple of speed lite flashes.

Do you have insurance? Yes, world wide!wedding in Paris, rime arodaky dress